Private Healthcare Services

Everyone worries about their health or the health of their loved ones at some stage in their lives and especially when there is a growing concern over the future of the NHS. While the take up of private healthcare services went down in the last two years of the previous labour government, it has now begun to rise again under the coalition government. Healthcare in the private sector is growing and with successive government cuts and concern over the NHS the take up of private healthcare services in the UK is again on the rise.

Private Healthcare Services

A Catch All Term?

Private healthcare services seems to be a catch all term where people new to the idea expect private healthcare provision to mirror the NHS in its better days. The truth is that private healthcare services differ considerably in the UK and while some established providers such as BUPA offer a full range of health services, others do not. If you are considering private healthcare services for your future health needs then you need to be clear on what you think you may need before you make any attempt to get a quote for private healthcare services. Many healthcare companies will offer hospital accommodation, procedures and medication for acute conditions but not all of them will cover long term and expensive conditions such as cancer and heart surgery.

Private Healthcare Services and Pre-Existing Conditions

Most providers of private healthcare services will not offer cover for an existing chronic condition such as asthma but may offer cover for these things if the illness occurs some time after the policy was taken out. You need to read the small print of any health insurance document and you should ask questions of any potential providers of private healthcare services.

Dental and Optical Care

If you want some help with mundane healthcare expenses such as dental care, optical care, physiotherapy or consultations, then you may want to look at one of the healthcare cash back schemes. Cash back schemes are rather different to general private healthcare services, rather than cover for particular conditions you have an insurance policy where after the first few months you can claim back part of the cost of any private medical care you may have paid for. There is rarely any stipulation about pre-existing conditions with healthcare cash back plans.

Private Healthcare Services and Pregnancy

As a general rule most ordinary policies for private healthcare services do not cover pregnancy and antenatal care. If you plan on having a family in the near future than you may want to consider taking out a private healthcare services policy that covers you for the costs associated with pregnancy including antenatal classes and treatment, delivery, including a private ambulance to the hospital, hospital stay and treatment and post natal care and appointments. If you require other private healthcare services then you will need to take out a separate policy from your pregnancy policy. You should undertake some research, ask some questions and get several quotes so that you can find the right kind of private healthcare services for you.

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