Private Healthcare Schemes

An increasing number of blue chip employers now offer their employees a complete employment package. Some of the best employment packages include participation in private healthcare schemes that might not otherwise be available. Many people are tired of the long NHS waiting lists for many procedures and the chance to participate in one of the 300 or more private healthcare schemes available in the UK is a great persuader.

Private Healthcare Schemes

Growth in Private Healthcare Provision

In recent years there has been considerable growth in private healthcare provision in the UK and if you are thinking about private healthcare schemes for the first time, it can be difficult to know which provider can actually give you what you want. If you choose to take out one of the individual private healthcare schemes you really need to know if the scheme is going to cover all of your healthcare needs. Before you even ask for a quote for private healthcare you need to ask the provider a numebr of questions.

Does the Healthcare Scheme Cover What is Important to You

Many people are worried about the fact that they might contract cancer at some point in their lives and so they should ask a potential healthcare provider what they could expect from their scheme if that were the case. You need to know whether all the diagnostic tests such as CAT scans are available to you as well as treatment such as radio therapy or surgery and if the scheme provides for the often prohibitively expensive cancer drugs you might need. Everyone is different, if you play sports then you may want to know whether your scheme covers knee surgery or physiotherapy. Older people may worry about heart surgery or hip replacements and you need to have these questions answered before you sign up for any one of the many private healthcare schemes available.

Does Your Scheme Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Research shows that only one out of every five GP referrals actually results in admittance to hospital and an operation. The vast majority of health problems are dealt with on an outpatient basis and you need to know whether one of the private healthcare schemes that you are considering will cover ongoing outpatient treatment. Many private healthcare schemes will only cover a certain amount of outpatient treatment, if any, so you need to find a company that will deliver what you think you may need.

Is There an Excess Payment Involved in the Scheme?

Many of the healthcare providers who offer a wider range of cover than others can do so because they operate an excess policy, just like the one you might have for your car or house insurance. The amount that you need to pay in excess will vary from one provider to another and you need to have some idea of what that excess might be before you sign your name to one of the private healthcare schemes available.

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