Private Healthcare Quotes

Waiting times to see a specialist and for certain operations in the NHS have risen dramatically since the 2010 general election. An increasing number of people, discontented with the postcode lottery on medication and by increased waiting times for NHS treatment are choosing to top up their healthcare by getting a private healthcare quote. There are many different private health companies in the UK now and lots of companies offering health insurance. The only way for individuals to decide whether private healthcare is the way forward for them and is affordable, is for them to assess their needs before they ask for a private healthcare quote.

Private Healthcare Quotes

Low Cost Healthcare Insurance

There are a number of low cost private healthcare options available in the UK and it is possible to get an individual private healthcare quote for less than ten pounds a month. Other forms of low cost healthcare insurance that might be better if you have a growing family are the healthcare cash plans. A private healthcare quote for a healthcare cash plan is often under £10 a month for adults and some providers offer free care for children under the age of 18 in cases where the parents have a healthcare cash plan.

Cash Plans are Different

Cash plans are different to private healthcare quotes and are basically an insurance policy whereby you can claim back a portion of the cost of any of the private treatments listed under your plan. A low cost private healthcare quote may cover you for an acute illness where you are hospitalised and any associated costs. Most low cost private healthcare quotes will not cover the cost of any follow up outpatient appointments.

What Do You Need?

You should assess your healthcare needs and expectations before you ask for a private healthcare quote. Some healthcare policies work in much the same way as other insurance policies in that they have an excess, that is to say you pay the excess, a pre-arranged amount of the cost of any care and the policy will pay for the rest. While many people may not have the savings or resources to find several thousand pounds excess cost, this type of policy generally offers the greatest range of cover. You need to bear in mind that as you get older your health premiums may increase as there is more likelihood that you will be making claims against your policy. If you have an existing condition that requires constant attention then you may very well not get a private healthcare quote for that as a lot of private healthcare companies exclude ongoing health conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

Shop Around

Once you have decided what needs you require cover for, it is a good idea to shop around and do some price comparisons. Getting several private healthcare quotes is a good idea as costs for something like an operation for varicose veins, can vary from one private health establishment to another by as much as a thousand pounds. Don't accept the first private healthcare quote that you are given if you want affordable healthcare.

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