Private Healthcare Pregnancy

Women have particular health needs at certain times in their lives and may need specialist treatment. While many private healthcare plans give good general cover if you need to be hospitalised and treated for an acute illness, pregnancy is not covered by these plans. With the strain on the NHS becoming more apparent and the closing of some maternity wards, an increasing number of women when planning a family, look for private healthcare pregnancy plans. If you are worried about some of the scare stories regarding pregnancy care in some NHS hospitals then why not relieve yourself of that unnecessary worry and take out a private healthcare pregnancy plan so that when you become pregnant, you can rest assured that you and your baby will have the best care available.

Private Healthcare Pregnancy

Antenatal Treatment

When you have a comprehensive private healthcare pregnancy plan, then as soon as you know you are pregnant you can arrange your ante-natal treatment through a private clinic. While many women receive the majority of their ante-natal care from their GP, classes at many surgeries and hospitals have been curtailed due to a shortage of funds. You may still want to have your primary treatment via your GP but with private healthcare pregnancy can be made easier with some of the many antenatal classes and antenatal information that is on offer in the private sector. You can have any X-rays and other tests undertaken in the private sector so that you do not have to wait around for things like essential scans and other investigative treatment.

The Birth

Everyone wants the best for themselves and their children when they are giving birth. When you have a private healthcare pregnancy plan you can rest assured that everything to do with the birth of your baby will be handled by experts. When you think that labour is well under way you can ring for a private ambulance to take you to the clinic or hospital that will be looking after you and your baby, during and immediately after the birth. If the unexpected happens and you need a forceps or a caesarian delivery there will be a full team on hand to make sure that you and your baby get through it as safely and painlessly as possible.

No Waiting Around

One of the major benefits of having a private healthcare pregnancy plan is that you won't have to wait around for an ambulance and you won't be kept waiting for a bed once you reach the hospital. If you need any extra tests or treatment during your pregnancy these will be carried out without the problem of having to wait weeks for these things to happen.

Postnatal Care

Your private healthcare pregnancy plan will ensure that you receive the best care available once your baby has been born. After a day or two stay in a private room with ensuite facilities, you will be taken home by private ambulance and visited soon after by the midwife. One of the midwives will pop in at intervals during the first few weeks of your baby's life until it is time for you to have your postnatal examination to ensure that everything is as it should be.

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