Private Healthcare Plans

The majority of people in the UK still rely on the NHS for all their health needs and treatments. Those people who are fortunate enough to have health insurance as part of their employment package, or who have certain procedures carried out privately, may be on private healthcare plans. There are different types of healthcare plans in the private sector depending on the level of cover that you can afford and what you might want the treatment for.

Private Healthcare Plans

Top Up Plans

Some basic private healthcare plans are designed to be used as a top up to NHS care and to pay for screenings and for cancer drugs that may not be available to everyone on the NHS. Certain health authorities refuse to fund some cancer drugs and have created what is known as a post code lottery within the NHS, a top up healthcare plan can provide you with the drugs you might need in future for just a few pounds a month now.

Cash Back Plans

There are different types of private healthcare plans that offer cash back to pay for treatments. Bupa plans are for use with everyday health treatment such as dentistry, optical care and physiotherapy; these private healthcare plans help you to reclaim 100% on some of your everyday healthcare costs. Other healthcare plans offer cash back to help with the cost of dentist treatment, eye care, physiotherapy, complimentary therapies and some consultations, these plans allow free cover for up to four children under the age of eighteen who are still living at home. These plans only cost a few pounds a week and can save endless worry and waiting time when your children need dental treatment or physiotherapy in a short time span.

Why Use Cash Back Plans

The fact is that very often free dental care and free eye care are restricted by where you happen to live, and in addition to this, the NHS only pays for certain aspects of eye and dental care and it is up to the individual to fund the rest. Cash back plans can help people, especially families, to cover the costs of these everyday healthcare needs and may include specialist investigation and treatment. The limitations of cash back plans is that many of them are capped, so you can only claim back so much money in any one year.

Joint Healthcare Insurance

Joint healthcare insurance is a form of private medical insurance that is there for your peace of mind and is designed to be used in conjunction with the NHS. Joint healthcare insurance means that if you need treatment on the NHS it won't be put on hold because of lengthy waiting lists. Joint healthcare insurance also means that if you need to see a specialist you will be able to bypass the NHS waiting lists. Some joint private healthcare plans may also include provision of any drugs you need that may not be available through your local are health authority. Joint healthcare insurance is great if you have some spare money each month as it means you can get treatment more quickly.

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