Private Healthcare Jobs

Government cuts in the UK have resulted in job losses across the public sector, including the NHS. Cutting hospital and clinic staff numbers has meant that there are now a good number of medical professionals who are in the market for private healthcare jobs. As the take-up of private healthcare grows, so does the need for appropriately qualified staff. Many private healthcare jobs are accessible either through dedicated online jobsites or through specialist professional staff agencies. An increasing number of employers across all sectors use job sites and agencies as a way of filtering out the first level of applicants so that they don't have to deal with such a large number of interviews. Interviewing staff and checking their credentials can be a time consuming process, so it makes sense to have an initial screening process so that only suitable applicants are invited for the first round of interviews.

Private Healthcare Jobs

Job Sites

There are many different types of job sites available on the internet today and the problem is finding the sites that are most suited to your job seeking purposes. It is worth undertaking a search to find a job site that brings together all the available jobs in private healthcare in a given area. Some job sites aggregate information from job boards, agencies and professional publications in order to provide applicants with a one stop shop in their search for private healthcare jobs. Looking for a job can be time consuming and frustrating and anything that helps to circumvent the process is well worth checking out. Make sure that you do a thorough check on the credentials and reputation of job sites that offer private healthcare jobs before you submit any of your personal information through the site's portal.


If you live in or near any of the major cities in the UK then you may find that there are specialist professional agencies that deal only in professional placements, including private healthcare jobs. Employers will often use specialist agencies to collect CVs and letters of application to make an initial choice about which applicants to pass on to the actual employer.

Lower Level Jobs

Lower level private healthcare jobs such as general clerical work and kitchen work may be advertised through general employment agencies and in some cases in the local newspaper. In many of these types of private healthcare jobs the person is actually employed by the agency and may not have to undergo a further interview before starting work. Sometimes agency work can result in the person being taken into a permanent position with the company they are temping for. Many professional vacancies will be advertised in professional publications in order to attract a particular type of employee.

Professional Publications

Professional publications such as Nursing World and other periodicals aimed at consultants and registrars are often a good source of private healthcare jobs. Most private healthcare providers will be looking for particular qualities in the staff that they employ. Readers of professional periodicals are generally more in tune for what is new and innovative in their profession than those who don't bother with such publications.

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