Private Healthcare FAQs

Different private healthcare companies offer varying levels of cover for private healthcare. Some websites will have a list of private healthcare faqs, and while these may vary, some questions arise more often than others. People want to know what kinds of healthcare are available privately and some may wonder just what exactly private medical insurance might be.

Private Healthcare FAQs

Q. What is private medical insurance?

A. Private medical insurance is often used interchangeably with private health cover and is an insurance that gives the payee protection by covering the costs of certain medical procedures should that person fall ill.

Many people are unclear about private health cover and think is only there for employers to provide cover for their employees or else for those wealthy people who don't want to use the NHS, thus among the private healthcare faqs is likely to be one on who can apply for private healthcare cover.

Q. Who can apply for private health cover?

A. Anyone who lives in the UK can apply for private health cover providing they can cover the cost of the premiums and do not have some excluded pre-existing conditions.

Many people hear that certain procedures they may undergo under the NHS are actually provided by a private health company and they wonder why, thus some private healthcare faqs are about the role of private health in the NHS and who pays for that private care.

Q. Why are some operations that people need actually carried out in private hospitals rather than the NHS and who pays for this.

A. Where there is a shortage of some care in the NHS or there are long waiting lists for certain operations, the NHS may purchase services from a private provider, the NHS pays for these provisions of private care.

When people recognise that they can apply for private health insurance and in some cases it is very similar to applying for other types of insurance, one of the private healthcare faqs is how they go about it.

Q. How can I find a private health provider and an insurance company that will provide me with a health insurance policy?

A. You can find a private health insurance company either in the telephone book, from your local GP or by searching online for private health care providers and private health insurance companies.

Once people know a little about private healthcare they also want to know just what they can claim for, thus what does cover consist of is another of the private healthcare faqs.

Q. If I take out private health insurance how will I know what I am covered for if I get ill?

A. Most private healthcare companies will be able to tell you what level of cover you can get for the premium that you can afford each month. Most private healthcare policies will cover you for a stay in hospital if you suddenly become ill as well as any procedures and medications that are necessary during your treatment. Some policies allow for several outpatient follow ups after an operation but not all of them do this so you may need to enquire.

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