Private Healthcare Cover

In this day and age there seems to be some form of insurance for virtually everything we do. If we buy a house we need building insurance and if we want to take care of our belongings we need contents insurance, we also need car insurance. When it comes to health an increasing number of people now have some form of private healthcare cover. One of the problems with private healthcare in the UK is that much of the private healthcare cover that is available is for certain aspects of healthcare rather than a catch all medical insurance. There are policies for critical illness, a healthcare cash plan where you receive cash amounts towards a treatment of your choice and private medical insurance. You need to check just what you are covered for and what is excluded by your healthcare insurance provider.

Private Healthcare Cover

What Sort of Cover Do You Need?

If you have or you develop a chronic condition such as emphysema or rheumatoid arthritis, you will find it very difficult to get health insurance for such conditions. Most private healthcare cover is intended for short term illness where you may spend a few days in hospital and are covered for your stay, procedures and medication. Very few healthcare policies allow for ongoing outpatient treatment and if you have been treated under a healthcare policy and then need follow up outpatient treatment you may have to take out more cover. If you have a young family then a healthcare cash plan might be of more use to you than general private medical insurance.

Modular Cover

It is now possible to get private healthcare cover that works on a modular basis, i.e. there are certain things you are covered for, such as admission to hospital and any treatment needed. If you need further treatment that involves outpatient appointments then you may need to take out another module to cover that treatment. Private healthcare cover does not include cover for any pre-existing condition that you may have and if you smoke or you drink heavily then you could find it hard to get any form of health insurance at all. Most private healthcare is only available for people under a certain age and may not take on people over the ages of 65 or 75. Some companies may offer extra modules at a reduced price if you already have significant cover with that company.

How You Pay

If you are lucky enough to have private medical insurance as part of your employment package, then the costs will be paid by your employer. When you take out private healthcare cover for yourself you will probably pay a monthly premium, although some healthcare companies offer discounts to those people who will pay their premiums annually rather than monthly. Some private healthcare cover carries an excess, which means that you may have to pay the first fifty or a hundred pounds towards the cost of your care and the insurance will cover the rest.

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