Private Healthcare Companies

The vast majority of people in the UK have their health needs catered for through the NHS. People who have their health needs taken care of via the private sector are catered for by private healthcare companies. Within the private healthcare industry providers are broken down into a number of different categories, including health insurance providers. In many instances there is a blurring of the lines between private healthcare and private medical care. The company that you choose will depend on what you think you may need cover for, and what you can realistically afford in terms of premium payments. If you are lucky enough to have health insurance as part of your employment contract then those documents will probably tell you what you are covered for. It is all too easy to see private healthcare as a catch all term, when it clearly isn't.

Private Healthcare Companies

Health Insurance Providers

Health insurance providers are one of the main types of private healthcare companies that deal mainly with policies for health. Health insurance providers such as BUPA offer health insurance and treatment in their own hospitals. Health insurance can also be purchased from general insurance companies that have a health sector in their listings. Some health insurance providers only offer cover for certain procedures, thus it is possible to get health insurance for cosmetic surgery, health insurance for dentistry, and health insurance for optical problems.

Companies offering Health Cash Plans

There are companies that offer critical illness insurance and there are health cash plans where you receive a certain amount of cash each year towards a health need of your choice, whether that is dentistry or optical care. Some companies offer long term care plans which come into operation when a person is so ill or becomes disabled and can no longer work for a living. A long term care plan is set for the future, the UK has an aging population and government cuts have hit care for the elderly extremely hard, some preparation now could save you from a lot of worry later on.

Hospitals and Clinics

Private healthcare companies include private hospitals and clinics, some of which offer general care while others deal with specific conditions. Some private hospitals are general hospitals while others deal with conditions such as cardiology, breast surgery, cancer clinics and hip surgery clinics to name but a few. An increasing number of dental clinics and opticians have opted out of the NHS altogether and only deal with private patients. Private healthcare companies may include lists of private general practitioners and consultants.

Private Medical Insurance Companies

A list of private healthcare companies may also include medical insurance companies, the list includes General Medical, Axa, Aviva and BUPA. BUPA is the most well known provider in the UK and it offers five different levels of cover. Staysure offers private medical insurance and health plans for the over fifties. Axa is another leader among private healthcare companies and currently manages private care for more than 2 million British people.

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