Private Healthcare Cash Plans

There are plenty of everyday medical treatments that are undertaken by the NHS or in some instances by the private sector. Having some money towards the cost of private care can mean the difference between getting a consultation in a matter of days or having to wait weeks to be seen and diagnosed. Private healthcare cash plans can be used jointly to support any extras on top of the NHS treatment you receive, they can help to cut waiting time and make a contribution to expensive dental and optical costs.

Private Healthcare Cash Plans

What is a Healthcare Cash Plan?

A private healthcare cash plan is nothing more than an insurance policy that pays out a certain amount of money when you need it for healthcare costs. With a healthcare policy you pay a monthly (or in some cases annual) premium and then whenever you need to pay for healthcare, whether that is dentistry, optical care, physiotherapy, medication or a consultation, you can claim back a portion of that cost. Most private healthcare cash plans will pay up to seventy five percent of the cost of any private treatment you may have had.

How is a Cash Plan Different from Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance is a very different product to the healthcare cash plan. Private medical insurance is generally intended as a full alternative to the NHS, depending on what sort of plan you have you may be covered for hospitalisation and associated treatments for an acute or short term illness along with a range of other healthcare needs. A private healthcare cash plan on the other hand is not really tied to things like hospital treatment, rather it provides you with the option to have some private treatment such as physiotherapy, consultation or dentist's costs, and then to claim back some of the cost of that treatment.

A Way to Offset Treatment Costs

The fact is that a private healthcare cash plan only costs you a few pounds a month and gives nowhere near the amount of cover that you would expect from private medical insurance. For general health needs and supplementary therapies, private healthcare cash plans are a great way to offset some of the costs of that treatment.

How Private Healthcare Cash Plans Work

When you first take out a private healthcare cash plan, you will probably find that you will not be able to claim for anything for the first few months and very few of these plans cover existing health conditions. Once your cash plan has been in place for a few months and you need dental or some other form of treatment, you pay for the treatment and then send off the receipt to your insurance provider who will then pay you back a certain amount of the cost of whatever treatment you have had. Some private healthcare cash plans offer free cover if you have up to four children under the age of 18 who still live at home. If you need treatment from an osteopath then you may need to provide evidence of the fact that you have been referred by your GP.

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