Jobs in Private Healthcare

As pay levels in the NHS seem to get lower, professionals start looking elsewhere to sell their skills. Medical, nursing and administrative staff have not seen their pay packets rise in line with inflation and many are determined to move on and look for jobs in private healthcare. There are many ways to search for jobs in private healthcare and probably the easiest way is to sign up with one or more of the online jobsites that aggregate jobs in particular areas and bring them all together in one place.

Jobs in Private Healthcare

Job Sites and Agencies

If you put jobs in private healthcare into the search engine it's likely that you will turn up some job sites that deal only with jobs in that sector. Another good place to look for jobs in private healthcare is an agency. When you work in one of the professions, whether that is healthcare, teaching or something else, a dedicated job agency is a good place to start looking. Doctors and nurses should have little or no problem finding a job in private healthcare because of their qualifications; it may be a little harder for medical secretaries and administrators to move on from the NHS into private healthcare.

Submitting Your CV

There are some websites relating to jobs in private healthcare where medical professionals can submit their CVs and are then notified of suitable vacancies as they arrive. The fact is that a number of private hospitals in the UK do use specific job sites to search for suitably qualified medical staff, so these places are worth taking a look at. As the private healthcare sector continues to grow, no doubt they will be looking for a greater number of qualified medical practitioners to staff private hospitals. You may find websites that act as a general portal for other websites that advertise jobs in private healthcare, whereby the initial website acts as a sort of screening process where only the most suitably qualified staff are passed through to where the vacancies actually exist. Most vacancies in private healthcare will be permanent as there is less reliance on bank nurses than in the NHS.

Hospital Admin Staff

If you have worked in a senior administrative position in the NHS you may find that it is fairly easy to get a job either in a private clinic or in a private hospital. Most private hospitals require administrators with previous medical or hospital experience rather than simply general administration. There are job sites that recruit suitably qualified staff for all manner of professions, for example legal and financial administrators as well as administrators in the private healthcare sector. Some jobs for healthcare administrators require previous experience in the private sector as in some instances the work differs considerably from administration in the NHS.

Ancillary Staff

Ancillary staff such as porters and cleaners are usually sourced in the normal way rather than through dedicated job websites. In private healthcare there tends to be far less reliance on temporary clerical and administrative staff, which has become quite common in the NHS.

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