How Much does Private Healthcare Cost

It is all too easy to listen to scare stories about the NHS, bad treatment and long waiting lists, when the truth is that these are only a small part of the NHS and in most instances the health service still does well by its patients. When people ask the question how much does private healthcare cost? you have to wonder whether they are really referring to private medical insurance. Healthcare policies tend to cover everyday costs such as money towards dental costs and optician's costs, some policies also cover alternative medicine costs.

How Much does Private Healthcare Cost

What Does a Healthcare Policy Cover?

Most private healthcare policies are intended for short hospital stays and operations as well as medication. In answer to the question how much does private healthcare cost, that is determined by the level of care you are looking for. Depending on the type of policy you have you may be able to claim towards some aftercare such as physiotherapy and limited home nursing. Your policy will normally cover in-patient care for a stated period and this includes accommodation, medication, drugs and dressings, operations and anaesthetics as well as diagnostic treatment such as X-rays, MRI scans and CAT scans. If you want more cover from your policy and you have some savings then you might commit to paying the first £2,000 of treatment. You should always read the exclusions on your policy and make sure you know exactly what your policy does and doesn't cover.

What is Not Covered by Your Healthcare Policy

Policies cover different levels of healthcare and most policies, whether they specify private medical insurance or not, are intended to cover acute, short term problems. The vast majority of health insurance companies do not allow for chronic conditions and will have a long list of exclusions. When you are considering how much does private healthcare cost you'll find that many policies don't cover for accident and emergency in the UK because this is ell covered by the NHS.


Your healthcare policy will not cover for illness or accidents while you are abroad because that should be taken care of in you travel insurance. If you have a nervous breakdown this may not be covered and some policies exclude any type of mental illness at the outset. As a general rule normal pregnancy and childbirth are not covered neither is nursing home care, other than if it is following an operation.

Shop Around

If you are not happy with your current healthcare policy or you are thinking of taking out private medical insurance you need to shop around. When you stop and think about the question how much does private healthcare cost, much of it is determined by what you think you might need. If you want greater levels of care then you may look for a policy with a higher excess payment. It is worth typing in how much does private healthcare cost as a search term and see what the search engine delivers.

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