Cost of Private Healthcare

Nowadays the NHS is plagued by long waiting list and a post code lottery when it comes to expensive medications. An increasing number of people now have at least some health insurance so that they don't have to wait for months if the unexpected happens. The cost of private healthcare in the UK differs from one provider to another. Companies offer policies with varying levels of insurance that may cover you for some conditions and not for others. When you have healthcare insurance and you are ill, the insurance will cover the costs up to the amount that you are insured for.

Cost of Private Healthcare

What Does My Policy Cover?

The cost of private healthcare varies considerably, depending on what you are actually covered for. Some health insurance policies are designed to meet the costs of certain provisions such as eye care and dental care while others are designed for conditions that require a stay in hospital and a potential operation. You should find out exactly what your insurance covers when you take out the policy. Some companies may charge you a lower premium if you can prove that you have a healthy lifestyle.

What Affects the Cost of Cover?

Health insurance premiums are likely to rise as you get older, simply because older people tend to require more in the way of healthcare than their younger counterparts. If you smoke or drink more than a certain number of units a week then this will have an impact on your health insurance premiums and you could find yourself paying a lot more for the same cover as non-smoking or drinking friends. Those people who have an existing condition, particularly something like arthritis, may find that it is not covered in the cost of private healthcare. Many companies charge an excess, which means that you have to pay a certain amount towards your treatment and the policy will then pay out minus that amount. Check out excess charges at the start as some companies will have much higher excess levels than others.

What Level of Care Should I be Looking For?

When it comes to the cost of private healthcare, it is possible to find healthcare insurance for as little as £7.50 a month, but if you are ill, low premium policies may not be of much use. Some policies will cover a day or two in hospital but not the costs of follow up outpatient treatment and is best avoided. The fact is that only one in five GP referrals actually results in admission to hospital, while most of the cost is swallowed up in out patient appointments. Look for a policy that will cover outpatient appointments as this covers the largest part of hospital treatment nowadays.

Policies with Excess

When you are considering the cost of private healthcare you may find that those policies that have a higher excess on them, will offer a wider range of healthcare provision than one with little or no excess. The only way to establish whether the cost of private healthcare is affordable and practical for you is to get a number of quotes from different companies.

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